Monday-Saturday 8AM-8PM




call with any questions 208-720-5469 


who said you can't float through life?


Hours of Operation

appointments Available m-Sat: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm




Starter package (First 3 Floats) $120

2 sessions  $100

4 sessions  $180


Per Hour:

Blaine County Student     $45

SVSEF or SV Suns member  $45

VETERAN DISCOUNT            $30

Single Hour Session        $60

Couples' Single Hour       $80

Two Hour Session           $100

Couples' two hour          $140


Unlimited Monthly Packages:

bronze $250

1 session per day M-F 8am-4pm   non-shareable 

Silver $350

1 session per day M-Sat 8am-8pm   shareable with 1 guest 

Gold $500

1 session (1 or 2 hours) per day M-Sat 8am-8pm   shareable with 4 guests

Package Details...

Starter Package - This is our introductory package available for a one time purchase and includes 3 floats. Should be used in 1 month span. (non-shareable)

2 or 4 Session Packages - Prepay for either 2 or 4 and book your single hour float whenever you would like within 6 months of purchase.

Unlimited Monthly Packages- Select Bronze, Silver, or Gold, and float as much as you would like within the designated times.

The Procedure

Once you have arrived and checked in
  • Rinse in the shower without shampoo/conditioner

  • Put in provided earplugs to help with noise cancellation and keep water out

  • Enter the tank nude and close the door
Now Float on
  • When an hour (or two) has passed, music will ease you out of your float
  • Step out when you are ready
  • Rinse in the shower using all soap
Get dressed and bask in your post-float glow!



Cleaner than tap water...

Our filtration system keeps the salt solution sanitary with a four step process, we have had our float tank solution lab tested to result in a lower bacterial presence than Boise's tap water! 

Step 1: Salt Content- the float tank's solution is comprised of 12 inches of water and 1,500 lbs of magnesium sulfate (epsom salt).  This dense salt solution creates a hostile environment for any bacteria or viruses to grow or thrive.

Step 2: Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)- the float tank's solution is also treated with H202 which is kept at an appropriate PPM and measured each day.  H202 will combine with the UV filter to form Hydroxyl Radicals which are key to having the cleanest solution possible.

Step 3: UV Filter- our tank is equipped with a commercial grade Delta UV filter that uses a UV bulb to kill all organisms in the solution as it passed through the system.  

Step 4: Particulate Cartridge Filter- a 100 sq. ft. cartridge filter is the last feature of our filtration system.  This filter will collect any particles in  the water (organic matter, hair, dirt, etc.) and pull it form the solution.  The filter is changed and cleaned regularly!